Personality Development & Importance of Personality Development

Personality development is the development of the organized patterns of behaviour and attitudes that makes a person distinctive. Personality development occurs through the ongoing interaction of temperament, character, and environment.


No one is similar in this world; every person has its own personality. Every person has its own behaviour. Every individual has its own way to respond to their different emotions, perceiving things, and looking at the world. A person’s childhood and growing days make his/her personality. Upbringing a child shapes his/her personality. Personality is nothing but an aggregation of memories and incidents of one’s entire life span. An individual’s personality is a contribution of various factors like environmental factors, financial conditions, family background, genetic factors, situations, and circumstances.

Personality is made up of two elements behaviour and character. Behaviour is a stereotyped motor response to an internal and external stimulus, while the character is an individual’s set of emotional, cognitive, and behavioural patterns learned and accumulated over time. A person’s behaviour in daily life reflects their personality. Some people are extroverts and some are introverts. All this depends on the determinants which help in shaping an individual’s personality:

Determinants of Personality

  • Environment- The environment in which an individual is growing plays an important role in determining his/her personality. Individual’s family background and their culture shapes their personality and can also change their behaviour, if their environment changes.
  • Heredity- After the birth of the individual, the heredity factors determine its personality. The individual’s physique, body type, complexion, body weight, and appearance depend on its biological parents and this factor determines physical personality.
  • Situation- In an individual’s life, situations and circumstances constantly change. This factor also builds an individual’s personality. Sometimes, the situation becomes worst and affects person psychology and this will change his/her personality again.

Personality Development

Personality development is a process of developing and enhancing an individual’s personality. Personality development helps a person to gain self-confidence and self-esteem. Personality development also helps people by leaving a positive impact on a person’s communication skills and the way how they look to the world. Personality development also helps to develop a positive attitude. Personality development is not only enhancing your dressing sense or gaining proficiency over English speaking. Personality development is the overall development of a person. Physical appearance doesn’t mean a good personality; inner personality is a real meaning of good personality. The person with a weak personality fails to impact better which leads to spoiling his/her future.

Stages Influence Personality Development

There are five stages that influence personality- infancy, toddlerhood, preschool, school age, and adolescence.

  • Infancy

First two years of a child is crucial. At this stage, they learn basic trust or mistrust. A loved and well-raised infant develops security, trust, and a basic optimism. If the infant is badly handled, they become insecure and learn mistrust.

  • Toddlerhood

The second stage occurs during early childhood, between three to four years of age. In this stage, the child learns to deal with learning autonomy or shame. The well-parented child emerges with self-confidence, elated with his or her newly found control. This early stage of child life also includes tantrums, negativism, and stubbornness, which totally depends on the child’s temperament. The child’s temperament depends on how they are raised by their parents.

  • Preschool

The third stage occurs during the play age from entry into formal school. In this, child is at a developing stage, goes through learning initiative or guilt. At this stage, the child learns to imagine, broaden their skills through play and fantasy, cooperation, lead, and follow. If a child becomes unsuccessful, they become fearful, harbors guilty feelings, unable to socialize. The child depends on their adults, if restricted they become unsuccessful and if successful they develop skills and imagination.

  • School-age

In the fourth stage, they learn industry or competence. This stage occurs during the school-age of the child. The child does masters of all the skills learned to date. They learn the rules and regulations of every field, teamwork, and basic intellectual skills. At this stage, the child needs the habit of self-discipline. If the child is raised well at the earlier stages then he/she will quickly learn to be industrious. And if not handled well, they will develop an inferiority complex and always doubt about their future.

  • Adolescence

At the last stage, the child learns identity or fidelity. This stage occurs during the age of 13 or 14. At this stage, the child becomes mature. The young person acquires self-certainty as opposed to self-doubt and experiments. They develop different constructive roles including negative identity. Well-adjusted adolescent looks forward to achieving success and leadership. At last, they gradually develop a set of ideas to live with.

All these five stages play an important in developing a person’s personality. These are the basic years of a child’s age of personality development. They learn important basic rules, skills, and values which affect their personality development.

Importance of Personality Development

In this fast-growing world, it’s important to have an impressive personality. To survive in the competitive world personality development becomes our need. To develop professional traits in the child, they require personality development just like computer skills, communication skills, etc. Personality development trainer helps you in developing positive thoughts, self-esteem, confidence, and improves your behavioural traits. Set an aim for your life first, this will help you in developing your personality efficiently. Some basic importance of personality development is:

  • Increases Confidence

Great personality gives a boost to your confidence. When you are confident, you know how to present yourself. Confidence helps you to control your thoughts and power to speak fearlessly. While speaking in front of the audience, it becomes easy to engage your listeners when you feel confident. Your gestures are reflected while speaking, presenting, and doing things, only when you feel confident. Therefore, personality development helps a person to understand themselves better than before.

  • Personal Grooming

Grooming is to maintain the style and looks. Every person has its own style; we should not copy anyone blindly. Personality development helps you to groom yourself. Personality development not only helps in maintaining good looks but also helps you to look presentable and face the world with a smile.

  • Improves Communication Skills

A person with a strong personality has great communication skills. Having good communication skills is good for personal and professional life. During personality development, a lot of emphasis is given to improving communication skills. Listeners are more receptive to what you say if they have a good impression of your personality. Communication skills are an important part of personality development, it will strengthen the impact of your message. Communication skills also include pronunciation and vocabulary. Good communication skills also include being a good listener.

  • Reduces Stress and Conflicts

Personality development helps in reducing stress and conflicts. Personality development flashes out all your stress and worries by solving your problems with your attitude. A person with good personality development looks at the brighter sides of life. Even you start handling the worst situations with a smile.

  • Increases Excellence in One’s Field

When you are working on your personality development, you’ll improve your chance of success in your field. When you have the right mindset to achieve your goal, you start improving and widening the knowledge base and this will improve your personality as well.

  • Develop a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is necessary for success and growth in life. A person with a positive attitude always finds a solution in every situation, while a person with a negative attitude finds a problem in every situation. Try to handle every situation positively; it will make things easy to do. During a personality development program, a person will develop a positive attitude, so that, they can even handle a hopeless situation. A positive attitude encourages an individual to look at the brighter side of the situation.

  • Help to Gain Respect and Pride

Rude people can’t earn respect from others. By being polite with you can earn respect and pride. Personality development helps in developing not only your outer but also your inner self. As we all know a human being is a social animal. An individual needs to have a magnetic personality to attract people towards him. Personality development helps to gain recognition and acceptance from society.

  • Develop Self-Discipline

Personality development teaches you to develop self-discipline. Discipline plays an important in your life. Personality development is important for both professional as well as personal lives. A disciplined and punctual individual is an asset to the organization. An in-disciplined individual finds difficult to survive in the long run. Personality development teaches you to become a discipline. When you’re disciplined, you know how to keep a balance between personal and professional lives.

  • Makes you Credible

Enhancing physical features is also important for your professional life. Physical appearance is not important; we grow on the basis of our knowledge and talent. But people tend to judge people by their clothing and appearance. Your dressing style plays a great role in your overall looks and for your confidence as well. Choose your clothes wisely to look presentable. Enhance your overall physical appearance to look credible.

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