Phenomenal Benefits of Coconut Oil for your Hairs

Your hairs are the main ingredient to make the recipe of the beauty and everyone agrees with that it somehow shows or portrays your identity so taking care of yours hairs is important not only to showcase your beauty but your own personal care as well choosing right things for your hairs matters a lot  and to know what you should go for to take a proper care is also important . Grandma in our houses always scolds their children as well as the grandchildren to put oil in the hairs and she basically go for the coconut oil have you wondered why people go for coconut oil for the hairs ? Don’t worry at all we the FashionFevers is here to tell you the benefits of coconut oil for your hairs let’s know step by step:-

1. What basically is coconut oil

coconut oil for the hairs

Coconut oil is considered as a magical oil as it is good for the body externally as well as internally as it contains natural and healthy saturated fats which are good for the health and is recommended at every house all over the world not only does it helps for healthy thick hairs but also for removing makeup as well as helps in getting rid of stretch marks which occurs it helps in reducing fat of the skin as well . By this you must have known that what all does this magic oil can do.

2. It helps in making the hairs grow longer and stronger 

coconut oil for the hairs

Coconut oil contains vitamins and nutrients which helps the scalp to make the hairs stronger and longer , it is the fact that if you have to put an oil on your scalp washing off your head is the first thing you should do as washing the head will open the pores in the scalp and when you will apply the oil it will absorbs in the pores and give you better result and coconut oil is very effective for making your hairs longer and stronger as it contain vitamin e and fatty acids which helps the hairs to grow faster.


3. Helps getting rid of dandruff

coconut oil for the hairs

Dandruff basically comes only when your scalp is not healthy and is dry . And basically it comes in winters as at that time the weather is dry and your skin too becomes dry which leads to arose dandruff on your scalp . Coconut oil is very nourishing and contains nutrients as well as fatty acids which helps in making your scalp healthy as well as well nourished and stops the dandruff to arise.

4. It acts as a hairs sunscreen

Mostly people who colour their hairs avoid oils on their scalp as well as the hairs as when oil is used or your hairs come in direct contact with the sun the colour  on the hair as it fades the colors and the highlighted hairs but there is no worry with the coconut oil as it protects the hairs as it contains the vitamin e as well as it has SPF 10 which protects the colour or the highlights of the hairs.

5. Its helps in taming frizz

We all are worried and want to get rid of the frizzy hairs and specially in the rainy season and the winters our hairs get frizzy more often but we have the solution for the frizzy hairs and that is the coconut oil which tame the frizz of the hairs all you have to do is use the oil after washing off your hairs put a small amount of oil on the lengths and the scalp which helps you getting rid of the frizz and also it works as the conditioner too if you are out of the conditioner use the coconut oil on your shampooed hairs to get a frizz free and conditioned hairs.

6. It helps in getting rid of split ends

We all are in trouble because of the split ends and either it stops the hair growth or it grows your hairs unevenly which causes a mess and then we have to go to the salon to get rid of the split ends so why not to finish of this problem of we have the solution to it , you will be shocked to know that coconut oil can help your hairs in getting rid of the split ends all you have to do is while oiling the hairs or after shampooing your hairs you have to put a small amount of coconut oil on your hair lengths this could help you get rid of the split ends problem as coconut oil has fatty acids and vitamin which stops and control the split ends to occur .


Although we all are known about how to apply oil on your head let us tell you the perfect way to apply the coconut oil on your head. All you have to do is take some amount of oil in a bowl and let it heat for one minute now take the bowl dip a cotton ball in the bowl and dap the cotton ball all over the scalp section vise put it all over the scalp now massage your scalp with the tip of your fingers properly for seven to ten minutes apply it till the end makes sure you are taking small amount of oil and putting little only and make sure you are putting it after washing off your hairs properly with a shampoo.  Apply the oil , massage it properly and do not comb the hairs after oiling this will lead to the hair fall as after oiling your hairs which are little weak will fall more easily so let the hairs stay like that you must but tie up your hairs properly after oiling then wash off your hairs within a day or two as it could lead to the pimples problem on your face or your skin . So whenever you are oiling make sure you wash them off within a day or two to get a healthy, strong and long hairs.

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