Naturally remove Dark spots, blemishes and pigmentation

Your skin shows your beauty and nowadays we all face problems of acne due to the moisture,  weather  and due to the lack of time we are not able to take care of our skin and the  face problems of acne and pigmentation and they leave the dark spots or blemishes on our skin which makes our skin look dull , pigmented and unhealthy and  this happens because we do not take care of our skin. Taking care of the skin is important and knowing the skin type is also important sometimes people face skin problems as they use the products which are not meant for their skin.

To get rid of all these problems of choosing the product one can go for the home remedies which will not affect your skin and will make it clear and hydrated naturally.

We the fashionfevers is here to tell you some home remedies which you can go for to get a clear skin without any dark spots, blemishes and pigmentation.

1. Apply lemon :

Dark spots

Lemon is called as the antiseptic for the pigmentation as it contains citric acid and citric acid helps in making skin hydrated and exfoliating and it also targets the darker areas of the skin and  makes it dull day by day all you have to do is that take a lemon and cut it into half and apply the peel off all over your face the peel off and the juice targets the blemishes and the pigmented area and makes it hydrated and exfoliating . Apply this for the month and get the best results and get the pimple free and hydrated skin . Note that if you have a sensitive skin then add some amount of water to the lemon juice in a bowl dab a cotton ball and apply it all over your face and get the best results out of it .

2. Apply lemon with rose water and glycerin :

Dark spots

We all know how effective lemon juice is but if you add some rose water and glycerin to it the magical solution will get ready for you which you can use to get a pimple free skin and spotless skin with few days as rose water contains antioxidants and has anti inflammatory properties which reduces the pigmentation of the skin and makes it exfoliating as well as the glycerin has antimicrobial and antiviral properties it is used to treat the pigment on the skin and clears the dark spots so all you have to do is take three tablespoons of lemon juice in a bowl , add two tablespoons of rosewater and two tablespoons of glycerin to it you can even store this solution in a bottle and use it once in a day , take a cotton ball and add few drops of the solution to it now apply it over the dark spots or the acne or acne scars for better results apply it daily for a month and get a spotless and hydrated skin .

3. Apply raw potato extract :

Dark spots

Potatoes contain catecholase enzyme which treat the pigmentation on the skin as well as the dark spots on the skin and leaves it hydrated and exfoliating. All you have to do is take  a raw potato cut it into half now add few drops of water on the potato peel off and apply the potatoe extract and water all over your face this will target your dark spots , acne on the skin and helps to lighten them with the time apply this remedy and start getting the results within two weeks .

4. Apply aloevera gel :

Aloevera is has hydrating properties which helps to hydrate the skin and it also acts as an antioxidant which exfoliates your skin. So all you have to do is take an aloevera and cut it into half take out its gel and apply it all over your face you can apply this as a substitute of the night cream and wash it soon after you wake up .You will get the results within a week of applying this .

5. Apply cucumber :

Cucumber is beneficial for your skin , hairs as well as your health , cucumber is beneficial for the acne prone skin and helps to reduce the inflammation it makes skin revive , it treat the open pores on the skin as well as reduces the dark spots and blemishes as well so all you have to do is take a cucumber an grind it properly now apply all the cucumber extract all over your skin and let it stay for ten minutes now wash this off do this regularly for two weeks and get the hydrated and exfoliating skin .

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