9 Important Women Hygiene Tips

Hygiene is important for self confidence and for better self esteem . As by taking care of your hygiene you could stay fit as it is basically done to get prevented oneself from diseases and infections which could effect our body and nowadays it is essential and necessary to take care of your personal hygiene.  Mostly people talk about hygiene but do you actually know what it means ? hygiene is basically taking care of your external body which ultimately gives good result internally too so what should a women do to maintain a proper personal hygiene , to wise you up dear readers we the fashion fever is here to tell you about how a women can maintain a proper personal hygiene so here are some tips for women’s hygiene

  1. Wash your hands :

Your hands are the most important and constantly used part of your body , everything needs help of your hands either you play, cook food, eat food , put lotion , wash things etc everything needs help of your hand and by all these activities you can see that if your hands are not clean when you eat you will be infected if your hands are not properly washed when you sneeze, cough or cry you use your hands first so washing them is the most important part of the personal hygiene , one must use the good hand wash to clean their hands so that it doesn’t make your skin dry so wash them with a proper hand wash and then apply some hand cream on them .

  1. Wash your hairs :

Being a girl or a women we all have the fantasy to get a long and healthy hairs so that we could make many fantastic hairstyle but when it comes to maintain them we become lazy but your hairs are the part of your hygiene as your beautiful hairs cover your beautiful face and of your hairs are not kept clean it could affect your face skin as it will lead to some skin problems like pimples , acne , blemishes and other skin infections so one must wash their hairs thrice a week to keep them healthy as well as to maintain a proper hygiene.

3.  Dental care :

Your smile attracts men and many other people your attitude is judged by the smile you have on your face so it is important to take care of your dental health like taking care of your teeth by brushing them twice a day and keeping your brush at a dry place , you should floss on  the regular basis and change your toothbrush after a month . As if you do not take care of your dental health it could cause problem for your gums and could also lead to bad breath so to avert such problems one must take care of their dental health.

  1. Bathing regularly

Bad odour is not good for women’s as women are called for their beauty and beauty doesn’t just  come from makeup and other things but from within and from good personal care and one must regularly take a bath and a women should definitely do that as our intimate area has to be cleaned every single day other wise it stinks so taking bath is important and using the right products on your skin is also important one should not use harsh soaps on their skin use a good shower gel or a nice soap for taking bath and avoid soaps on the intimate area .Use a proper deo or perfumes to maintain a good body odour. By this one can maintain a proper personal hygiene.

  1. Change the towel

You should keep your towel cleaned or you should keep separate towels for separate portions like some people keep different towels for different portions of their body like some keep different towel for the hairs , face , legs and intimate areas this could help you in maintaining a proper hygiene if you could not do this you should atleast  keep a different towel for hairs and for your intimate area this would keep your body odour good and you will be free from infections

  1. Maintaining intimate hygiene:

Intimate areas need more personal care and attention you could not use anything over there as if wrong things are used and if you catch infection it could lead to many harmful diseases like cancer etc so one must use a proper intimate care products over their intimate area and wash it properly as maintaining a proper pH level will not cause any bad odour or one will not be feeling uncomfortable so one must say no no to the soaps for the intimate area, so to be careful from the infection and the disease as well as from the odour you should maintain your personal hygiene by taking special care of your intimate areas .

  1. Sanitary pads

A women can only understand the value of a sanitary napkins so using a right napkins for your self is very important so whenever you go for shopping always ask for soft pads as the one with the plastic pores can cause rashes on your skin so go for a cloth based or a cotton based napkins so that you couldn’t not get rashes or itching over your intimate areas , carrying a sanitary napkins with you and using them is the part of personal hygiene and throwing them after use without collecting them for so long is also essential for the hygiene of yours as well as others so maintain a proper hygiene for yourself and others as well .

  1. Waxing

A women must keep theirs body waxed and clean it is the symbol of your personal hygiene as hairs all over the body don’t suits a women the beauty is more enhanced when you take take of your personal hygiene and by doing waxing once a month or according to your hair growth it not only keeps your personal hygiene good but also removes tanning so one must keep their body waxed

  1. Go for manicure and pedicure   

Maintaining the nails are the best things for the women but keeping long nails could make you I’ll as long nails can get germs easily so getting a manicure and pedicure can keep you germs free and infection free as cleaning of nails are necessary and the proper growth and shape of the nails are also necessary so one must go for manicure and pedicure for the good personal care and hygiene.

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