8 Important Men’s Personal Hygiene Tips

Personal hygiene for men are not considered much in consideration than a women earlier but now it is also taken in consideration as men now themselves likes to be well groomed they want to look attractive .But is it easy to be well groomed just by applying something once ? No you have to be in a regular process of personal care and for that you have to follow personal hygiene tips which could really help you to be well groomed and make you look attractive unlike women personal hygiene men’s personal hygiene also includes the same tips but with some different add on and tips about men’s personal hygiene.

  1. Wash your hands

 Washing hands is important for every individual being a men or a women one must wash their hands as they are used the most in our day to day life like while driving, eating, brushing, cleaning,  cooking they are the one which are in a regular process of working so you must wash your hands properly and then apply some hand  cream for soft hands .

  1. Bathing

You should bath daily either it is Sunday or Monday you should bath regularly for a better body fragrance,  use a soft soap base or a shower gel to wash your body and use a fresh towel to rub your body after a bath , and after a bath you must apply a deodorant or a roll on on your body to get a nice fragrance the whole day as the pores get open after taking a bath which absorbs the deo and keep it fresh all day long .

  1. Dental care

Having a fresh breath with a cute and beautiful smile can attract people towards you and for such a smile you must take care of your teeth and your  gums for that you should brush your teeth twice a day and use a floss to get a fresh breath . Your dental care shows your personal hygiene routine so improving and working on it can make you free to smile as much as you can without any hesitation.

  1. Trim your hairs

You should trim your beard and your intimate area hairs for a good personal hygiene as trimming the hairs can keep that area odour free and it won’t stink much so you should trim your hairs twice a week or according to your growth you can trim accordingly for your beard you should apply beard oil for a better growth and for looking well groomed . you should go for a good shaving cream and gel for trimming the beard or for better trimmed beard .

  1. Change the blades

As we have discussed that one should shave their beard so shaving is good for the personal hygiene but to change the blades after two to three use is also necessary as the blades are of steel or stainless steel and it can get rusted easily as it stays in the washroom and washroom is little moisture area which can lead to the rust over that and using the blades could affect your skin so by changing the blades you can protect your skin from various infections or skin problems .

  1. Get a haircut


Men  should get a haircut before their hairs get too long as by keeping short and proper hairs your face skin won’t be affected by sweat or dust and will keep your skin pimple and acne free so you should have a haircut once in a month or according to your hair growth as it is the part of your personal hygiene

  1. Cut your nails


Men should take care of their nails growth because girls are the one who does that so one must cut their nails once in a week so that they could be free from germs men doesn’t go for manicure or pedicure as such so they should cut their nails for a better hygiene as through your nails many germs could enter your body and can make you unhealthy and your foot nails could hurt you while wearing the shoes so cut your nails accordingly

  1. Change your towels

Men doesn’t care much about their hygiene as compared to a women but if you are reading it you should know that you must change your towels or use a fresh and clean towel for your body so that you don’t stink much washes off towels makes you feel fresh and good and is a part of your hygiene.

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