8 Amazing Hair Growth Hacks

Your beauty is defined by your hairs so taking care of your hairs matters alot and for taking care of them you must know your skin type like which type of skin you have either its oily, normal or a dry skin on the basis of the skin type you have to take care of them like in case you have an oily skin your scalp as well your body skin secretes a lot of oil because of which people gets acne and blemishes on their skin.As per the doctors the one with oily skin should not apply oil on their scalp as it can effect your face skin due to which you can get pimples, acne , blemishes and many other skin problems so knowing your skin type matters a lot . Nowadays people go through different hair problems and to avoid these different hair problems they switch over different different products which leads to the hair loss .Hey guys so we the fashionfevers is here to tell you about how you can grow your hairs with some following hair growth hacks

Just follow these few  simple Hair Growth Hacks —

1. Frequent Hair Cuts

hair growth hacks

Having haircuts frequently helps to grow your hairs more faster as your hairs get spit ends easily because of which hairs grow very slowly or they do not even grow in some cases so haircuts or just a trimming is necessary for the hairs within two or three months. It is the best hair growth hacks for the people’s who are worried about why there hairs aren’t growing.

2. Shampoo your hairs properly 

hair growth hacks

Before shampooing your hairs one must know which shampoo suits them and most importantly go for one product only using several products can damage your hairs as well as they make their scalp weak and leads to hair fall so there is a process of shampooing your hairs like wet your hairs and apply less amount of shampoo on your scalp massage on your scalp and your lengths and then rinse of properly with the water .


3. Condition your hair lengths

After shampooing take conditioner and apply it on your lengths do not apply it on your scalp as it can make your scalp damage and causes dandruff issues as well as hair loss rinse it off properly from your hairs .

4. Use microfiber towel

Heavy towels cloth can make your weak hairs fall easily so using a good towel or a cloth also prevents hair loss so we must use a micro fiber towel or you can even use a cotton cloth to dry your hairs

5. Apply oil on your scalp

hair growth hacks

Applying oil on your scalp is necessary for your hair growth and choosing the best oil is necessary too one must go for coconut or aloevera oil or can go for onion seed oils too for hair growth . Oiling can be done either before shampoo or after shampoo in lil wet hairs after cleaning your hairs your scalp pores are open so you must try to put oil after cleaning your hairs for better result .


6. Brush your hairs gently

Brushing your hairs frequently is not good for your scalp after your hairs are dry brush them once and daily brushing your hairs in the morning make your scalp strong as the blood circulation is good just after you are up in the morning so one must have a habit of brushing their hairs soon as they are up . It helps your hair grow more faster .



7. Use vitamins for hair growth

Vitamins are necessary for growth of the body and your hairs so using VITAMIN -E can help you increase your hairs more easily and it also makes them smooth all you have to do is take some amount of aloevera gel and add some vitamin – e solution from the capsules now rub this solution on your clean scalp and let it stay for 3 hours then rinse of your hairs with the water you can see the difference in a month.


8. Use less heat tools

Using heat tools can make your hairs damaged and can lead to hair loss so one should not go for the heating tools you can go natural or can use the plastic rollers or can go for hacks but avoiding heating tools can prevent your hairs from getting damaged.

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