5 Natural way to get rid of your dry & cracked feet

Beauty is in the walking but some of us are betrayed because of our cracked feet , people face a lot of issues due to dry , cracked , dead skin feet as the skin of our feet and heels are too sensitive and get too dry and looses moisture from that area  because of which  it can even get split open which can make it painful to walk and can also lead us towards infections which can be serious .There are many causes by which your feet and your heels could get dry or cracked like cold weather , because of not drinking enough water ,by using dry soaps and also by scrubbing the feet which leads to dry cracked feet and heels .It could also leads to bleeding of heels sometimes so it’s better to take care of your skin by yourself and always using products are not the solution so it’s better to go for home remedies as your first priority.

But don’t worry beauties  Fashionfever is here with you to tell you how you can get rid of the dry cracked feet and remove dry skin from your feet with some easy homemade remedies for your soft cleaned feets.

So let’s get started with our homemade remedies which could help you with your cracked heels.

1. Apply Honey

Cracked feet

Hey beauties Wash your feet and remove dry skin with the foot  filer now take one table spoon of honey and apply it on the dry areas of your feet or your heels according let it stay for 30 minutes and then wash off your feet. Do it daily before sleeping and  before taking a bath .This provides the moisture to your dry skin and helps to remove dry skin off your feet and helps in making them smooth and helps in  removing  dead skin naturally. Honey is very effective elements for your skin issues as well as for your health. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties which could not let any sort of bacteria on your skin as well as it heals wounds or the cracks on your feet.

2. Apply Coconut Oil

Cracked feet

Hey beauties don’t  forget to apply coconut oil before going for sleep was off your feet and remove dry skin with the foot filer and then apply some amount of coconut oil and let it stay overnight.  Coconut oil is very moisturizing in nature it is used for your skin as well as for your hairs it prevents skin dryness and flaking by applying this daily you would get rid off the dry skin or damaged skin which is there on your feet or your cracked heels . Coconut oil is also effective in healing damaged tissues and infections as we all know the dry skin is nothing but the damaged cells which appear to us as a damaged skin which either have cracks or it sometimes bleed if there is s crack or any fungal infection is there so coconut helps in healing those damaged cells , apply it daily before going to bed and feel free to walk with confidence.

3. Apply Aloe vera and Lemon

Cracked feet

Hey beauties don’t forget to apply Aloe Vera and lemon if you have dry feet and cracked heels as Aloe Vera  and lemon both have antioxidants and antibacterial properties and accelerates wound healing so if your cracks are bleeding do apply the Aloe Vera and lemon paste all you have to do is take some Aloe Vera gel and add some lemon to it now mix it well you could also add some turmeric to this paste and then apply it on your clean feet and your heels let it dry and stay overnight or you can even rinse it off after 30 min but after rinsing of the paste do apply petroleum gel on your feet for better results and for smooth and healthy skin.

4. Apply Bananas Or Its Peel Offs

Hey beauties don’t forget to take a banana and smash that with the spoon or a fork now take it and rub all over your cracked heels and dry feet let it stay for 30 min , now rinse it off do it alternative days and get the best result out of it . Bananas are the best exfoliator which helps in hydrating dry skin and make it soft and supple it helps in sloughing off dead cells from your skin as well as bananas are bananas are rich in potassium and makes your skin soft and helps in retaining moisture on your skin . Not only for skin but it is also good for your health so go for bananas and don’t say na na to the bananas.

5. Apply Mustard Oil And Melted Wax

Hey beauties take a metal bowl and but the wax in it along with the mustard oil now put it on the stove and heat it after it gets melted let it stay so that it gets cool down till then take a tub and add some water along with the lemon juice and small amount of shampoo in the water let your feet stay in the tub for 15 minutes now take it out and dry it with the towel , now take the wax and mustard oil solution and put it all over the dry feet and let it stay for 10 min before putting the paste check that it’s not too hot for your skin after it dries wash it off and then apply some petroleum gel on your cracked heels and your dry feet . Do it thrice a week and get the results within a week .

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