5 Natural way to get rid of Dark Underarms

Dark areas on your glowing skin is embarrassing like people’s have dark areas on their elbows ,their underarms ,knees etc .though one will not notice any such parts particularly but we ourselves feels very embarrassing especially our underarms because of which one could not wear half sleeves tops ,tank tops, swimsuits and many more clothes so viewing this basic problem .People tend to use different types of  roll on, or  get their underarms waxed but still they are unable to get rid of the darkness they have on that areas .People suggest many items to use it on the underarms but we must not use any products their as it blocks the skin pores ,we should also not use perfumes or deo’s directly on our underarms as it can cause skin darkening and many skin problems.

So  we the fashion fever decided to wise up our readers with some homemade remedies which could help you to remove the darkness of your underarms


Dark Underarms

Take a lemon and cut it into half now squeeze it and pour its juice in a bowl don’t throw the lemon peel off now add 1 table spoon of sugar and let it settle in the bowl then add 1/4th table spoon of honey in the bowl and mix it well . Take the lemon ground and dip it into the bowl and then apply it all over your underarms you can apply it on your elbows, knees if you want. Rub it for around 5 minutes let it stay for 2 minutes now rinse it off. You can do this daily for 1 week you will see the results and will be happy by know that this remedy seriously works. Lemon is the key for basic home remedies as it has good source of vitamin c, pectin fibre, citric acid, which helps to improve your skin quality. On contrary if we talk about honey it contains little or no pollen as it contains antibiotic as well as good source of antioxidants.


Dark Underarms

Take the gel of the Aloe Vera you should store the gel of Aloe Vera as it resolves many issues related to the skin as well as the hairs so all you have to do is  take 1 table spoon of Aloe Vera gel and put it in a bowl add 1 table spoon of sugar in the gel and then add 1/4th table spoon of turmeric to the bowl mix it well but let the sugar be in the hard form don’t let it melt in the paste now take some paste and apply it all over your underarms massage it in a circular motion and let it stay for five minutes now rinse it off  . Turmeric and Aloe Vera are also the key for basic remedies you can always go for as turmeric cures acne prevent skin damage, lighten facial hair, it has an exfoliating agent which gives u a glowing skin on the other hand Aloe Vera has antioxidant properties which treat certain skin conditions as well as reduces wrinkles.


Dark Underarms

Oranges are the best fruit which are rich in vitamin c and is very good for your health and as well as your skin, as it controls oil on your skin, it helps in reducing the wrinkles and helps in making your skin glow its peel off has the qualities to remove darkness from your skin so take some of the peel offs of the oranges  and let it dry for some time. Now grind it your dry orange ground powder is ready. Now take 2 table spoons of dry orange ground powder and add 1 table spoon of lemon juice in it now take ½ table spoon of honey in the bowl and mix it well. Now apply the paste on your underarms massage over you dark skin let it stay for 5 min now rinse it off you can repeat the procedure twice in a week and  you can store dry orange ground powder and store it in the refrigerator you can do the same for your knees , neck and on your elbow you can put this paste on your face by adding a pinch of turmeric in the paste and then apply it on your face it act as a scrub and removes the dead skin cells from your face . You can even use this paste to take a bath.


Take 2 table spoon of turmeric and add 1 table spoon of lemon extract and 1 table spoon of honey in a bowl as we have seen that turmeric is very useful for our beauty hacks and using it doesn’t harm your skin and lemon and honey are always the best partners for removing darkness so mix this paste well let it settle for 1 min now take the paste and just apply it and let it settle for 10 min now take a cotton ball or a wet tissue and remove the paste which  you have applied for better results do this procedure once a week and feel free to wear any sort of clothes you want to without feeling embarrassing about your dark underarms.

NOTE : You can add sugar instead of honey but for that you have to massage your underarms for atleast 3 min and repeat the procedure once a week to get rid of the dark underarms.


Rice flour is good for getting glowing skin as it acts as a scrub and clean your skin deeply, it also helps in shrinking your pores and also help in fading the scars on your skin also works on your dead skin cells. So take 2 table spoon of rice flour in a bowl and add 1 table spoon of coffee add 1 table spoon of water to it now mix it well. Coffee helps to reduce darkness as well as it boosts your skin. Now take the paste and apply it over your dark underarms and massage over there for 5 min and let it stay for 2 min now rinse it off apply some Aloe Vera gel to get a cooling effect . Repeat this procedure daily and you will get the results in a week or two . You can use this paste as a scrub on your face and after scrubbing your face with this paste apply some amount of  Aloe Vera gel on your face to get a glowing and spotless skin .

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