About Us

Fashion Fevers is an Indian fashion company that deals with beauty products and mentors people about the health and beauty hygiene. It guides its users through continuous blogs and articles that contains highly adequate guidelines to groom them. It is a company that fulfills the promise of true health information on the web. We provide credible information from trustworthy experts and in depth reference material about health subjects that matter to you. We are a source for original and updated health information and material from well known content providers.

Company Introduction

FashionFevers was founded by Twinkle Gupta from Agra, Uttar Pradesh on February 2020. The company initially focuses on advices and information related to your Hair Care, Skin Care, Health Care, wellness, Healthly diet, Personal Care, Personality Development, Personal Hygiene, Makeup Tutorials, Home Remedies, Products reviews, Healthy lifestyle and many more. Company is concentrating now on health and beauty blogs and services but will later expand into E-commerce.

As serious we are about the credibility of our content of blogs, we focus also on making it more engaging, exciting and alluring. Our team constantly works on improving our site, as we believe learning should be constant in our life. We will continue to provide even more content, communities and services to make your life better and to help you get more and emerging ways to make healthcare decisions with more comfort and relevancy.

In today’s era, every person wants to look beautiful. Beauty is just a reflection of inner soul which makes us glow and beautiful inside and out. So, here our company is always there to understand your problems and suggest you with better ways to cope up with your troubles. Our main focus is always to tell more and more home remedies, which is both organic and affordable. But, still there is a section of our readers who have a hectic life schedule and cannot devote much time to help them with home made remedies, for them we provide other solutions which can be affordable for them with respect to time.

We neither endorse nor promote any beauty product. Our company is making you aware about all the best beauty products and best lifestyle and nutrition, that helps you to look better and feel better. We are teaching step by step to use any product. We do not even promise you to make fair as milk but we promise you to make your lifestyle healthy and stress free. Skin colour is genetic, which can never be changed but it can be enhanced by adopting a healthy life style. And that’s what we are providing you by your personal grooming. Beauty never means having a fairer skin. It certainly emphasises on being healthy, glowy and enjoying the ways of life. We are making you aware about your problems and telling the best measures to get rid off them with the help of an expert team. Our team always tries to provide cent percent satisfaction to its clients.

We are available on approximately every major social media like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn. Our clients are always connected to us on them. They send their grievances on them, also and we always respond to all their troubles.

FashionFevers Commitment

Our commitment is very pure and genuine towards our clients. We make sure that every person coming to fashion fevers with some hopes to get something meaningful will not get disappointed, in any way.

FashionFevers Privacy Policy

We gravely understand and respect the privacy of our customers. It is very important for us to keep problems of our clients, private as these are the people whose trust we cannot break. The following policies will tell about the information we ask from our clients. It will explain the choices you have about how your personal information will be used and how do we keep it encrypted. We sincerely urge you to have a look on them.

Information about your use of the services may be used for the following purposes:

  • To provide, improve and create new services.
  • To respond to your enquiries and to send you necessary remedies about fashion fevers sites and services.
  • To obtain your precious feedback about the fashion fevers and services.
  • To send you secure personalized mails pertaining to your interests as obtained from your use of the services including your announcements, reminders and opportunities from fashion fevers.
  • To analyze trends and user behaviour and activity including how frequently areas of fashion fevers are visited, how its services are being used and the quantity of emails are received and opened.
  • To offer lead generation services
  • To detect and defend against fraud and other threats to the services and our users.
  • To identify issues with the services
  • To administer your account.